このブログは、拡張現実 及び 仮想現実 が使用された最新の情報と事例などを掲載しています。---This blog publishes latest information and the case where AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are used, etc.
2017 . 08
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    THIS IS WHERE ENTERPRISES GO TO INNOVATE WITH WEARABLES / October 18-19, 2017 at The Revere Hotel Boston
    AR / VR and HMD / Smart Glass - Latest News October 2016
    Etsuji Kameyama (亀山悦治)


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    AR, VR, MR + HMD, Smart Glass が生活とビジネスを変革
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    ポーランドのARサイネージ開発会社 Lemon&Orange の事例紹介。店頭などで集客が行える、体験者も見ている人も楽しめる、大型画面を使用したインタラクティブサイネージの活用イメージが良くわかる。

    Timberland Augmented Reality Campaign

    Lemon&Orange crated a virtual fitting room for Timberland where people could try out clothes from the newest collection without actually wearing them. Dorota Williams supported the action and gave some advice on fashion in Mokotow Gallery on 25th October 2014. The device followed the person’s movement and analyzed it in real-time thanks to Kinect technology. When a person got close to it, the app scanned the person’s face, took a picture and looked for a good model for it. On an 80-inch screen, using their gestures, they could freely change their outfits- jackets, jumpers, trousers and shoes. The person could go back to the previous outfit and make some changes anytime they wanted. At the end their new look was saved and sent by e-mail to the person who created it and also put in gallery on Timberland’s fan page. The outfit could have also been shared on Facebook following the link from the e-mail. A special app for iPad was enabled for customers visiting Timberland in Mokotow Gallery. Tablet version took a picture of the face and put it on a model. Later, by using touch screen, the person could have changed the clothes freely. Like before, the outfit was sent by e-mail and could have been shared on Facebook. A Facebook app is being created for those who could not use it in Mokotow Gallery. In a moment on Timberland’s fan page everyone will be able to create their own stylish outfits.
    (via http://youtu.be/5TZmQPdhpak)

    Kinder Kinect Application

    Lemon&Orange created an interactive game controlled with gestures for the young on Kinder Surprise’s 40th birthday. A 55-inch totem with a motion device which stood in Zlote Tarasy detected every person that came close to it and Kinderino invited them to have fun together. The game’s action took place in a lunapark where Kinderino, together with his friends, threw his birthday party. The idea was to get as many balloons as possible in one minute using only your hands. The whole game was based on Kinect technology which enables the user to play it with their body movement while this movement is analyzed in real-time, here and now. Thanks to that Kinderino, displayed on the screen, did exactly the same things as you: moved hands and legs, and even jumped. This is what made the game a great form of entertainment- it enabled children to stay active and develop their mobility and coordination. The project was created in cooperation with Isobar agency and Screen Networks.
    (via http://youtu.be/1eJ1Jk0Qj08)

    AMC Augmented Reality Booth

    Lemon & Orange created two interactive apps for AMC Networks on PIKE in Łódź from 6th to 8th October 2014. First thing we placed a camera to monitor the stall which sent real-time image to a 70-inch monitor. 60 second animations, which’s theme were some of AMC Network’s channels, were played on that screen and created kind of a ‘natural window’ for people who passed by. In those animations we created different characters for different channels- a thief for CBS Action or four bikers doing stunts just above the tables for Extreme Channel. Outdoor Channel in turn was whole underwater with a shark swimming around. The proper usage of sound effects helped to receive those animations to a greater extent. Presenting AMC Networks International Zone’s offer was the aim of the second app. This one used a 77-inch touch monitor and anyone who came close to it could interact with icons that could have been moved freely. Each icon referred to a particular channel. Once a person touched channel’s name they could see everything about it- general information, gallery and videos. The stall was created in cooperation with RTE agency and AMC Networks International Zone.
    (via http://youtu.be/fu0RNeDOL_s)

    (via https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCruimKUuCEw1xYIXr_fJg5A)
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